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Tommy Green
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I think i'll discuss my view on religion today.

Currently there are two major types of religion.  There are those Christians, Catholics, and all these other types of people who believe in God and there are Atheists, those who do not.  Those who believe in God believe that he created the earth and everything on it, and that he has supreme control over everyone's life.  Atheists, those who believe otherwise, choose too believe so because they are too unsure of themselves to be making any assumptions or because they are smart and understand things more than most people.  they also believe in scientific theory.  that's my opinion, anyway.

I personally don't believe in God, have never read the bible, don't go to church except for when my uncle used to drag me there, and don't care for religion, though i thoroughly respect those who do.  I don't know, I guess part of the reason is because I know a lot, and I've never had a problem learning new things.  

Another part is because, I've noticed a lot of people who believe in God are the simple-minded people who just can't live unless every aspect of their lives is short, simple, and easy to understand.  It seems to me that most people who look to God for answers, guidance, advice, etc. do so because they are too scared, too stupid, and maybe too lazy to look anywhere else.  This is partly because their religion seems to lead them to believe that God is the only one who has all the answers.  In their eyes God is in charge of everything that happens in people's lives and has these preset courses of people's lives laid out for them called "Destinies".  

Fuck that.  
Not that I believe we are in control of everything in our lives, but we have more control over them than we realize.  The only time someone does not have any control over their life is when they're stupid enough to convince themselves they don't have any control.
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